Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. As I reflect on this past year with Special Needs Tutors, I am humbled by the faith and the […]

Teaching Self-Care Skills to Learners with Special Needs

Think about the skills you use every day to cook, clean, run errands, socialize, and having good personal hygiene.  These skills were taught either through direct […]

The Importance of Play for our Learner with Special Needs

Having our children engage in creative play is an essential element in their development.  Play teaches them how to socialize, imagine, work out conflict, and cultivate […]

Writing Strategies For Learners with Special Needs

The first thing to consider when thinking about writing strategies for our learners with special needs is that it must be meaningful.  When our learners are […]

Establishing Routine for your Learner with Special Needs

Whether you are homeschooling this year or choosing to go back in-person, establishing a routine is such an important step when creating healthy expectations for the […]

Sparking a Love for Reading for Learners with Special Needs

The joy of reading does not come natural to all learners. However, all learners have preferences and likes that spark an interest. So, to overcome this […]

Live, Virtual Tutoring vs In-person Tutoring for Learners with Special Needs

There are so many reasons that parents choose tutoring, but why would you choose live, virtual tutoring over in-person tutoring for your child with special needs? […]

An Organized Workspace for Learners with Special Needs?

Why is it so important to teach our learners with special needs how to organize their learning space and keep it clean?  Anxiety.  Plain and simple.  […]

Effective Tutoring for Learner’s with Special Needs

Effective tutoring is a process that enables the learner to build confidence in their ability to learn and develop competent skills both academically and socially.  As a […]

How to Help your Child Stay on Task

Many learners with special needs whether in the classroom or in the homeschool environment struggle with focus and staying on task.  However, there are many ways […]

Assistive Technology

When a learner with special needs has difficulty accessing the world around them, educators can assign specific assistive technology (AT) devices to support the learner.  AT […]

Communication Strategies

An evidence-based practice (EBP) is a specific approach in teaching that is used in a situation or environment that produces an effective outcome (Sam, Kucharczyk, & […]