Special Needs Tutors for New Jersey Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in New Jersey

Special needs kids in New Jersey require tutors who are trained and experienced in using the latest multi-sensory learning approaches and methods that have been proven to be the most effective with special needs learners. All of our instructors at Special Needs Tutors have the knowledge and expertise to teach students who learn in a different way. We only employ special needs teachers who have been state-certified to work for our online academy.

What Makes Our Special Needs Tutors Qualified?

What makes our teachers different is their real-world experience in the classroom. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we only hire educators who have extensive prior experience teaching in a special education environment. In addition, they must have a current special education teaching certificate and remain in good standing with their state as long as they are in our employ. 

With Special Needs Tutors, special needs kids in New Jersey will receive personalized help from instructors who have the knowledge and skills to best help your child to succeed. 

How Do Special Needs Kids In New Jersey Get The Right Tutor?

Due to the very specific requirements of students who learn differently, the first step in our process is to conduct a free consultation with the parent/family. This helps us to more specifically identify the support structure the student may require and the goals they hope to achieve. 

This initial interview helps us to establish a starting benchmark for the tutor, and data will be collected during each teaching session afterward in order to track the progress that has been made on the goals that were identified. Our special needs tutoring in New Jersey is personalized and tailored just for your child’s needs. 

We handpick each student’s tutors based on the subjects and coursework your child needs to learn based on their needs and their grade level. By using the preliminary consultation combined with the deliberate assignment of our tutors, we can teach more effectively to ensure that each child is prepared to achieve success in their school endeavors.

What Is The Cost Of Special Needs Tutoring In New Jersey?

Our unique individualized program only costs just $1.00 per minute. We offer flexible sessions in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute increments, and we can hold our virtual teaching sessions as many times per week as you prefer. 

Because we only work exclusively with special needs kids in New Jersey and other states, we don’t charge any extra costs or fees for a session. No matter the particular learning needs of your child you’ll get the same low rate for the services of our professional tutors.

We’re certain that you’ll be thrilled and excited by the progress of your special needs learner. And because we believe so strongly in the ability of our tutors to teach as well as the capacity of our students to learn, we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our tutoring courses. You’ll also be able to request the services of a different tutor under our satisfaction guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied.

We honor all major credit and debit cards. In addition, we are classified as an approved vendor and qualify for most types of state education funding. For more information about specific funding, please reach out to us to check your eligibility for services in your state as soon as possible. 

In Which Subjects Can Special Needs Kids In New Jersey Get Help?

New Jersey special needs learners can get tutoring in a wide variety of subjects covering the majority of those included in most school curriculums. We offer support for students enrolled in pre-kindergarten all the way up through adult learning. Specific subjects we offer include reading, writing, spelling, and math, and we can even teach independent living skills. We can also help with your child’s homework. 

Why Choose Special Needs Tutors For Your New Jersey Learner?

Why choose our tutors to teach your child? We offer live virtual tutoring sessions specifically designed for students with special needs. Our tutors are trained and certified in their state as special education teachers, and have extensive hands-on experience in teaching students with a variety of needs including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), traumatic brain injuries, ADD/ADHD, specific learning disabilities, dyslexia, other health-impaired, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities that haven’t been included here. Contact us for more detailed information

New Jersey is a state with many large metropolitan areas. Even if you could find a tutor with the same qualifications and experience in the same city, you could still have an hour-long drive or longer in heavy traffic to get there. At Special Needs Tutors, we use a very secure online platform to virtually teach our students. Our online teaching system saves you a lot of time and makes scheduling easier by allowing your child to receive the tutoring they require right at home. No need to waste time and money driving your child to remote tutoring sessions. In addition, you know your child will stay safe by learning in their own home environment. Students can choose to sit wherever they want during their live virtual tutoring sessions. And parents can listen in on everything that is being taught and know that their child is learning effectively. 

Our online sessions use a proprietary method proven to be effective by our founder to teach students with special needs intensively. Coupled with our tutor’s certification for special needs tutoring in New Jersey, our method can fully support your child’s learning and help them to achieve their educational goals. 

Your child will also benefit by having their individualized sessions tailored to their specific needs in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute increments. This greatly reduces the occurrence of tutoring fatigue and loss of student focus. Intensive tutoring sessions that are student specific and individualized exhibit greater achievement and the ability to generalize skills in their community. 

Finally, because our tutors make use of every minute of a session effectively, you’ll get the most benefit for your money and your child will receive the greatest amount of learning from each session. Our educators are dedicated to teaching special needs kids in New Jersey and around the nation and they sincerely care for the children they work with. They are trained and have the experience to determine the individual personality and the learning strengths and weaknesses of each individual they work with. This allows them to tailor their tutoring approach to each special needs learner to make every successive learning session better and more effective as they go along. It really is a wonderful process to watch.

We are bringing officially credentialed special needs teachers to you on a live, virtual platform for an affordable price that almost everyone can afford and have access to. You are completely in control with tutoring when you need it. This platform is changing the lives of thousands of families in New Jersey and around the world. We hope that you and your child will join us and become one of the many that have achieved success with our method.

Get started putting your child on the path to success by reaching out to us for a New Jersey educator at Special Needs Tutors.