Special Needs Tutors for Tennessee Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Tennessee

Tennessee special needs learners need and deserve to have access to the best education possible, no matter how unique their learning challenges. Thankfully, at Special Needs Tutors, we offer virtual tutoring sessions that are specifically designed to help special needs children reach their educational goals.

Our Special Needs Tutors, How They Are Uniquely Qualified

Kids who have special needs often need tutors who have specific skill sets in order to be able to learn optimally. In many cases, this includes familiarity and proficiency in utilizing multisensory approach learning. Special Needs Tutors only employs tutors who are state certified to teach special needs learners in the state of Tennessee. Therefore, you can rest assured that all our tutors or instructors have expertise and experience working with students who have learning differences. 

Special Needs Tutors teachers are set apart thanks to their unique classroom experience. In addition, we only choose teachers who have previously successfully worked within the special education arena. We also require state special education teaching certification unique to the state of Tennessee. Our tutors must keep this certification in good standing with the state throughout their employment. 

With our specialized tutoring services, your learner gets individualized help from their uniquely trained and qualified tutor. These professionals all have unique skills and a highly specialized learning base that helps them help your child achieve success.

How We Select The Right Tutor For Your Child

As you know as a special needs parent, each child has highly varied needs and unique learning challenges. Therefore, at Special Needs Tutors, we believe the right way to approach the beginning of our educational experience is a free consultation, involving you as a parent, your learner, and our professional. This is the ideal time for you to communicate what you are hoping for your child to achieve through the process. What goals your child has and how you envision them coming to life.

This consultation, which is free of charge, is the starting point for our tutors. They will take the data gathered in this session and compare it to sessions down the road. This will reveal the progress the student has made throughout the tutoring process. Each session will involve data gathering and a look at progress, so it will be obvious if the child is improving within a variety of categories. Each tutoring session is specifically designed for the individual learner and is created to help meet their needs. 

 All of our tutors are chosen based on what your child needs to learn, their support requirements, and your child’s grade level. When you go through the tutoring consultation, we follow up by assigning a tutor based on your child’s unique needs and goals. That way the process is set up for success from the beginning.

Special Needs Tutors Cost for Tennessee Residents

Our services are uniquely priced for affordability. At just $1.00 per minute, which if you average it out, means a 30-minute session for your child would cost $30 weekly. We also offer tutoring sessions in other time frames as well. You can, of course, choose the 30-minute option, or instead opt for a 45-minute session or one that is 60 minutes in duration. This is immensely affordable and makes a great option for your learner. 


Keep in mind, we also never add additional costs to any session for special needs’ learner requirements. Our programs are designed for special needs kids, so there is no need to tack on additional costs like you might find with other companies. Your learner will enjoy the same rates as any other learner, no matter their specific learning needs. No longer do you have to worry about additional costs being added to your session just because your learner might need a bit extra help.

At Special Needs Tutors, we are so confident that your child will find success thanks in part to our skilled tutors, that we proudly offer a satisfaction guarantee. We will refund your money if you are not satisfied with your child’s progress. As part of our commitment to your child’s success through our satisfaction guarantee, we also allow you as a parent to request another tutor if you are not satisfied with your learner’s current specialist as a way to honor this satisfaction guarantee. 

For your convenience, we accept payments through all major credit cards. We are also a Tennessee state vendor, approved for state funding in most situations. If you aren’t sure if your child qualifies for this or not, contact us today and let us determine their eligibility for these programs. Then, you can get your service started as soon as possible.

Tennessee Learners: Subjects Covered by Special Needs Tutors

Thankfully, our tutoring services are designed to help a variety of learners thrive within a variety of subjects. We proudly offer programs designed for learners as young and Pre-K up into adulthood in some cases. Subjects we cover include but are not limited to math, writing, reading, and even independent functioning skills. Your child can also be helped with their homework upon your request.

Why Choosing Tennessee Special Tutors is a Good Idea For Your Child

Special Needs Tutors services and programs are uniquely designed for virtual, live tutoring sessions. These are specifically designed with special needs children in mind. All of our professional teachers have experience working with children who might learn a bit differently. This includes teaching learners that have a variety of specific needs pertaining to various conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dyslexia, other learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and many more. 

Known as the Volunteer State, Tennessee is a landlocked state that boasts beautiful mountain ranges and lovely communities. However, getting from one side of the state to another, like you might to get your child the help they need to learn can become a bit difficult. This is especially true if you have to travel through the bustling capital city of Nashville. In fact, in some cases, even if you were to find a tutor offering services fairly close to you, traveling time could take upwards of an hour to commute there and back. With special needs kids, this commute can become arduous if not impossible. 

Thankfully, due to our secure network and virtual learning system, your child can learn from the comfort of their own Tennessee home. Your child can choose their learning environment, and you will have the opportunity to listen in all the tutoring sessions. All sessions are designed using proven methods by our founder to reach special needs learners specifically and help them find success. 

Again, you can also choose from various session lengths that best fit your learner’s abilities and/or preferences. These options will prevent loss of focus and reduce the risk of tutoring fatigue in many cases. Each tutoring session is geared to the specific learner in order to achieve a greater level of success and even help your child with generalized skills they can put to use out in the community. 

Our tutors work hard to utilize every single second of your child’s session, meaning that you get the most out of your investment. Your tutoring time will be well organized and address the issues your child needs help with in addition to other areas of study. Get started today and let us help your child succeed through our unique and innovative program designed specifically for your special needs’ learner.