I highly recommend Dr. Ginger Pillitteri. She has been teaching my 11 year old daughter for three years. Her expertise combined with her patience & personalized teaching style has helped my daughter tremendously with academics & well as improved self confidence. Dr. Pillitteri is an amazing teacher who goes above & beyond to support her students & their… Read more “Marisa”


Dr. Ginger and her team do a fantastic job at helping my daughter focus and stay on… Read more “Anne”


I was skeptical about hiring an online tutor but I couldn’t be happier.  The process was easy and the tutor helpful.  Worth the… Read more “Sophie”


What convinced me to give them a try was the cost.  $30 for a session is a fair price and its money well… Read more “Chris”


The assessor recommended an intensive program for 6 months which adds up.  Their money back guarantee gave me the assurance that my money won’t be spent in vain.  I am glad I gave them a chance because my son loves his tutor and looks forward to the sessions.  And he’s learning too.  Thank you for being here for… Read more “Henry”


I tell everyone about how thankful I am for special needs tutors.  My son is learning, he loves his sessions and their price point is… Read more “Jackie”


My daughter has been working with her tutor on writing and I love to hear a good report on her… Read more “Lisa”


I really love this, and it gives us such… Read more “Rick”


Dr. Ginger and her team are supportive, knowledgeable, and effective in their teaching… Read more “Judith”


So glad I met the nice people at special needs tutors.  What a great… Read more “Josue”

Thank you for making this

Thank you for making this easy and your… Read more “Thank you for making this”

My son has been doing

My son has been doing reading/decoding classes with Ms. Erin and the growth I am seeing in his over all decoding the words is phenomenal. He looks forward for sessions with Ms. Erin and enjoys his class. Thank you Dr. Ginger and Ms. Erin for all the… Read more “My son has been doing”

Thank you to Ms. Margaret

Things are going really well! My son is a little ball of energy but in the short time we’ve had Miss Margaret, she has helped him recognize all numbers 1-10, count to 14, and knows at least 4 letters. We are thrilled with his progress! I’m thankful for her patience and creative lesson planning… Read more “Thank you to Ms. Margaret”

Best decision ever!!!

Special Needs Tutors is the best decision my husband and I have ever made for our… Read more “Best decision ever!!!”


My son has been doing so amazing with Ms. Victoria.  Even his teacher asked what we’re doing now because he has… Read more “AMAZING tutor”

Tutoring while at school

My daughter receives her tutoring services while she is at school.  This has worked out great for the school and my daughter.  The school says my daughter has already improved in just a month of tutoring in her reading skills.  Thank… Read more “Tutoring while at school”

Progress in ELA

I’m writing to share some exciting news about my son’s progress in ELA.  His time with Mr. Vince is making a real difference!  My son is noticeably more confident and taking greater ownership of his work. This is reflected in his grades as well. He finished the first marking period with a 72% average, and so far in the second marking period, his average has risen to an impressive 86%. We’re thrilled with his progress and just want to let you know we truly appreciate your… Read more “Progress in ELA”

Love my tutor!!

Dr. Pillitteri, Just a quick note to say I absolutely love Mr. Matthew!!  He and my son have built a great rapport in such a short period of time.  After sharing my son’s likes, he incorporates his interests into the lesson. I am optimistic about his progress as we will be continuing with tutoring over the… Read more “Love my tutor!!”

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