Special Needs Tutors for Pennsylvania Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Pennsylvania

Special needs kids in Pennsylvania have the right to get the best possible education, even if they have different learning needs than other kids. We offer all the educational support that special needs kids in the state of Pennsylvania might need. We provide special needs tutoring in Pennsylvania via virtual, live tutoring sessions. Our tutors can assist special needs children with accomplishing their educational goals in these live tutoring sessions.

What Makes Our Special Needs Tutors Properly Qualified?

As you might expect, tutors must have the proper qualifications to help special needs kids learn effectively. Special needs tutors need to be able to implement a learning approach that stimulates multiple senses. At Special Needs Tutors, we hire only special needs teachers who are state-certified. Every single one of our instructors has the expertise and experience required to teach students who learn in a different way than other students. 

The classroom experience is what separates our tutors from other special needs teachers. Our requirements for our tutors go beyond the fact that they need to be state-certified. Our tutors must have previous experience with special education tutoring.

As previously stated, another requirement for our tutors is an active teaching certification for special education. Additionally, we will only hire tutors who are in good standing with their respective states. Special Needs Tutors can help special needs children with personalized assistance from instructors with the knowledge and skills to help special needs kids succeed in their education.

How Do Special Needs Kids in Pennsylvania Get a Tutor That is Right for Them?

We make it a priority to ensure that special needs kids get a tutor that is right for their educational needs. The first step that we take to provide special needs tutoring in Pennsylvania is a free consultation with the parent/family of the student. This helps us figure out the support that the child might need and the child’s educational goals. 

Figuring out all that helps our tutor establish a starting point. The tutor will then obtain data at each tutoring session to demonstrate that progress is being made toward achieving each necessary educational goal. Our consultant can help you decide how many tutoring sessions your child requires. This amount can vary depending on the child’s educational goals, previous education, and some other factors. Regardless, we will work with you to ensure that your child receives all the tutoring sessions that they require. 

We provide intensive tutoring that we tailor to the needs of your child. We carefully select tutors based on your child’s grade level, supports, and the information that your child must learn. Our pre-tutoring consultation in addition to our careful selection of tutors is all done so that your child’s educational needs are met. We do everything in our power to make sure that we set your child up for educational success. 

How Much Does Special Needs Tutoring in Pennsylvania Cost?

Our unique special needs tutoring program is also quite affordable. We only charge $1 per minute for tutoring. We provide tutoring sessions in three different time increments: 30-minute sessions, 45-minute sessions, and 60-minute sessions. Additionally, we can provide tutoring sessions as many times per week as you want. 

This is part of our commitment to ensuring that we meet your child’s educational needs. If we provide a 45-minute session once a week, then the session would cost you $45 per week. A 30-minute session once per week costs $30 per week. It is also important to add that we don’t add any extra costs to the cost per session. This is because we specifically provide tutoring to learners who have special needs. 

Our tutoring sessions cost the same rate regardless of your child’s specific learning needs. This is something else that we do to help make our tutoring sessions more affordable for our customers. We strongly believe in our tutors’ abilities and our students’ learning capacities.

As a result of this belief, we offer our customers a money-back guarantee for our tutoring sessions. You can also ask for a different tutor according to the satisfaction guarantee that we provide. We are confident about our ability to provide top-notch tutoring for special needs kids in Pennsylvania

You can pay for our services with any major credit card. Additionally, Special Needs Tutors has received classification as an approved vendor when it comes to the majority of state funding. You can find out more information about our status as an approved vendor for state funding by contacting us today and seeing if you are eligible to start receiving tutoring services. 

Which Subjects Can We Help Pennsylvania Special Needs Learners Learn?

We can provide tutoring for special needs learners in Pennsylvania on a number of subjects. We provide tutoring and support for pre-kindergarten students all the way up to adult students. We cover a variety of subjects, including math, writing, and reading. Additionally, we can provide help so that students can learn independent functioning skills. We can also provide homework assistance for your child, as well. 

Why Should You Go With Special Needs Tutors for your Pennsylvania Student?

There are a number of reasons why our tutors are an excellent choice for any special needs students in the state of Pennsylvania. Our tutoring sessions are virtual and live and we cater our tutoring sessions to students with special needs. Additionally, the tutors at Special Needs Tutors are fully certified special education teachers. Our tutors have plenty of experience teaching students with many different needs, such as traumatic brain injuries, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, certain learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

Our tutors also have experience teaching students with other disabilities that we didn’t cover. Pennsylvania is one of the most populous states in the entire United States. As a result of this, it can often be challenging to locate a tutor in your city. Even if you do so, you might have to drive for a long time in order to get your child face-to-face tutoring. However, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you choose Special Needs Tutors. 

We utilize a secure online platform to provide tutoring. Your child can learn in the safety and comfort of your home. Students have the freedom to sit wherever they like during the virtual, live tutoring sessions that we provide. Additionally, parents can listen in on these tutoring sessions and rest assured that their child is receiving high-quality instruction in a safe environment. 

Your child can also learn more effectively because we provide individualized tutoring sessions in increments of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. This means that there is a decreased chance that your child will lose focus or experience tutoring fatigue. Our tutors also effectively utilize every minute of the tutoring session, so your child receives maximum assistance from each session. Contact us at Special Needs Tutors today to see how our state-certified tutors can help your child enjoy a successful education.