Special Needs Tutors for Washington Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Washington

Washington special needs kids deserve to have the best education, no matter their current learning needs. Virtual tutoring via live sessions help your child reach their educational goals. All of this with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Special Needs Tutors, What Qualifies Our Tutors?

Our special needs tutors are all state certified to teach within the state of Washington. They all have specific expertise and experience teaching students who learn a bit differently from others. This is important because many kids who have special needs require a unique approach to learning, such as a multi sensory approach. 

Our teachers are set apart from others due to their unique classroom experience. We only consider educators or tutors for employment who have previously worked in a special education environment. They must also have a specific certification that remains in current standing within their state, ensuring they can teach in the special education arena. At Special Needs Tutors each child gets individualized help from our instructors. These include personalized skills and knowledge from each teacher, helping your child to grow in their education.

Washington Special Needs Kids Deserve The Right Tutor

You might wonder how we at Special Needs Tutoring can ensure we pair your child with the right tutor for their specific needs. This is an important point as the varied needs of special needs learners are immense. Thankfully, though, our system has it down in terms of how to pair the right tutor with each special needs learner. This begins with a free consultation. This experience pairs the learner and their parent with a potential tutor allowing you as a parent or your child to communicate any specific support your child needs at the outset of the process. This can be a great time to set up goals and identify what you as a parent hope to get out of your child’s Special Needs Tutors experience. 

This consultation, which again is free, helps the new-to-you tutor to create a starting point. This allows them to compare subsequent data after each session, which shows progress made towards the end goal. This consultation is also important when it comes to determining how many tutoring sessions your child needs to meet their predetermined goals. We proudly offer highly individualized tutoring that is specifically designed for each child to meet their educational goals.

At Special Needs Tutors, we select the right tutor for your child based on what your child desires to learn, their grade level, and their current support level. Choosing these professionals is often done once the pre-tutoring consultation is complete, so we have a better idea of what your child needs to find their version of success.

Washington Special Needs Tutoring: What Makes Our Program Unique?

Special Needs Tutoring costs on average just $1.00 per each minute. You can choose from sessions in various lengths, including 60 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minute increments. Just to break down the pricing further, if you choose a once a week session, with a 30-minute duration, you will be looking at just about $30 for the week. This gives you an idea of the affordability of our program and the way even a small investment can improve your child’s entire educational journey. 

Another factor that is unique to Special Needs Tutoring is the fact that we do not add on any extra costs for working with a special needs learner. This is because we specialize in special needs learners. You pay the same rate as anyone else for your special needs’ learner, no matter how particular or individual your learners’ needs. 

We also offer full satisfaction via our money-back guarantee. We believe in our intensive tutoring services, which allows us to offer this unique guarantee. We also allow you as a parent to request another of our tutors if you feel that your child needs a change. This is all part of our satisfaction guarantee. 

At Special Needs Tutoring, we helpfully take all major credit cards. We are also an approved state vendor for most Washington state funding. Check with us for more information on state funding and eligibility and to get your services started as soon as possible.

Subjects Washington Special Needs Learners Can Get Assistance With at Special Needs Tutor

Washington special needs learners can get help with a variety of subjects. We offer services for students ranging from the age of pre-K up to adulthood. Subjects covered can include math, writing, reading and independent functioning skills. We can even help your child with their homework as well during their sessions.

Choosing Special Needs Tutors for Your Washington Learner: Here’s Why

There are many reasons you should consider choosing us for your Washington special needs’ learner. First, we offer sessions that are live and virtual designed especially for learners with special needs requirements. In addition, our teachers are all certified specifically for the special needs arena and have previous experience working with students who have a variety of specialized learning needs. Students with specific learning disabilities, who are on the autism spectrum, have dyslexia and those with ADD and ADHD as well as other intellectual disabilities can all reach their educational goals through our tutoring services.

Washington is a vast state, the 18th largest in the entire United States. It spans an astounding 71,299 miles. This means that even finding a tutor within the same city in which you reside could mean a long commute of up to an hour to get to those services. Of course, if you have to travel out of your city and into another Washington area, the drive back and forth to tutoring could be even longer. Thankfully, at Special Needs Tutors, we utilize another way of getting your special needs child the help they need. Our services are accessible via a secure online platform in the form of virtual learning. This means your child can access our services from the comfort of home. There is no need to drive back and forth for tutoring help. 

Since you can oversee the sessions from the comfort of your home, you can know without a doubt that your learner is safe in their educational environment. Your child can choose where to sit for their sessions within your home, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. You as a parent can listen in on each session, so you will always know what your child is learning and be able to keep up with your child’s progress as well.

The online sessions we use have been proven extremely effective when it comes to special needs learners. When you combine this with the fact that our tutors are all specifically certified to work with special needs children in Washington, you can be sure our teaching methods are the most effective way to help your special learner find success.

In addition, because you can choose from a variety of session lengths, ranging from the shortest of 30 minutes to the longest of 60 minutes with a 45-minute option as well, you can thankfully reduce the risk of loss-of-focus and tutoring fatigue that can hinder special needs learners. Each tutor session we provide is personalized for your student, ensuring a greater level of achievement. This helps your child generalize their skills within your community. 

You as a parent of a special needs learner will know you are getting the most out of your monetary investment with these individualized sessions. Your student will get a great deal of help from each session as each is designed with their specific needs and goals in mind. Get started today by helping your Washington learner today by contacting us at Special Needs Tutors to get your child’s sessions started.