Special Needs Tutors for North Carolina Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in North Carolina

All special needs students in North Carolina deserve to enjoy the finest education available, no matter their limitations or needs when it comes to learning. Thankfully, our sessions, which are virtual, at Special Needs Tutors take place live and pair up your special needs students with a highly skilled special needs teacher who can help them reach their learning goals. This beneficial tutoring enables them to reach their goals and to learn more skills, all from the comfort of home.

What Makes The Special Needs Tutors at Special Needs Tutors Different?

Special needs learners require the help of tutors who are willing and able to incorporate a multi sensory approach to their learning. We proudly hire only state-certified teachers who are qualified to teach special needs students at Special Needs Tutors. You can rest assured that all our tutors are experts in and have experience with helping teach students who learn differently. 

In addition, what sets us most apart from other tutoring services is likely our innovative virtual classroom experience. We also only employ select tutors who have extensive experience working in the special education environment. That in addition to their special education teaching certification must maintain good standing within their state throughout their career. Special Needs Tutors provides your child with individualized, personalized help from instructors who possess the knowledge and skill set necessary to ensure that your child will succeed. 

How Can North Carolina Special Needs Children Select The Best Tutor?

Admittedly, special needs learners have varied needs, which are often highly specific in terms of what works for them and what doesn’t. That is why we offer a free consultation as the first step. This allows you as a parent as well as your child to sit down with us and identify goals and ensure that we understand the support your learner needs to thrive. 

This meeting sets a starting point for our highly skilled tutor to come in and see what needs to be done to continue your child’s education. This starting point, the initial meeting, is also a good time to determine what the right amount of tutoring sessions looks like for your child. Our consultant will gladly help with this choice. We also gladly provide intensive tutoring sessions that are tailored and individualized specifically for your child. In addition, data is taken at each session. This information is key to showing the progress your child has made toward their predetermined goal. 

Your child will be paired up with a hand-selected tutor that best fits your child’s need to learn, grade level, and their support needs. This pre-tutoring consultation is very valuable in ensuring that your child is best lined up for success by having all their needs sufficiently met.

Special Needs Kids Tutoring in North Carolina, What’s The Cost?

We understand you want your child to succeed no matter the cost. However, budget restrictions are a very real limitation for many, regardless of your desire to see your child succeed. Thankfully, our specialized program averages out to cost an affordable per-minute cost of only $1.00. You can choose sessions that last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. You can also set these sessions to meet as many times throughout the week as needed. To give you a price breakdown and show the affordability, each 30-minute weekly session for your child costs $30 weekly. 


Thanks to the fact that we specifically cater to special needs learners, there is no extra cost adding in that covers the cost of helping your special needs’ child. In other words, you will pay the same amount for your child’s session as someone whose child has fewer limitations. Regardless of your child’s learning needs, the cost is the same.


We are so convinced of the positive outcome of our methods that we also offer a risk-free guarantee on all tutoring sessions. Additionally, we allow you as a parent to ask for a different qualified tutor as part of our money-back guarantee. You can pay with a major credit card. In addition, we are also an approved service provider for many state funding programs as well. Contact us for more information and to determine your eligibility for services. Get started today!

Getting Special Need Help in North Carolina: Which Subjects Are Covered

Our services are applicable for a wide age range of learners from Pre-K age all the way through adulthood. There are various subjects covered as well including math, writing, reading, and even independent functioning skills. You are also welcome to ask us to help your child with their homework.

Why Select Special Needs Tutoring in North Carolina?

You might still be asking yourself why you should choose a tutor for your child’s educational needs. There are many benefits, which have already been addressed. However, it’s also important to note our virtual tutoring sessions, which take place live, are specifically designed for special needs learners. Keep in mind again, that all our educators are all special education certified teachers who have extensive experience teaching students with an abundance of learning needs. Dyslexia, specific learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, autism spectrum disorder, disabilities of the intellectual variety and additional health impairments are all examples of qualifying needs. 

North Carolina is a significantly sized state. This means that even if you currently have a tutor in-state, you could be driving for an hour or more to access these specialized services. This trip can be difficult for special needs kids and taxing for you as a parent as well. Conversely, we at Special Needs Tutors proudly offer our virtual learning system. This means there is no need to sit in traffic ever again to get your child the help they need. Your child can enjoy their tutoring session from the comfort of home via an online platform that is secure. This enables your child to remain in a space that gives them comfort and familiarity, which in turn makes the sessions that much more effective. You as a parent are also able to listen to the online sessions with your child, ensuring that they are learning safely and are getting the most out of each session. 

Our innovative online sessions utilize proven methods that were created by our founder. These methods are specifically designed to meet special needs students where they are and address their needs intensively. This fact added to our tutors’ specialized certification within the special needs field means that North Carolina special needs students can achieve their learning goals with the help of our proven methods and capable teachers. 

Your child will also benefit from the individualized sessions that are customized to meet their needs in either 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions. This specialized focus successfully reduces the risk of lost or reduced focus and tutoring fatigue. These student-specific sessions are able to help students reach greater levels of achievement and even offer valuable generalized skills they can use within their communities. Each session is designed to get the most out of each learning session. This means you get the biggest return on your investment when it comes to your child’s tutoring sessions and what they are learning. 

Don’t wait another day to get special needs kids in North Carolina the specialized tutoring services they deserve. Contact us now to begin and to learn more about the state-certified tutors we provide at Special Needs Tutors.