Special Needs Tutors for Florida Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Florida

Special needs kids in Florida deserves to have the best education possible, regardless of their learning needs. Through live, virtual tutoring sessions, our tutors can help your child with special needs to achieve their educational goals.

What Qualifies Our Special Needs Tutors?

Special Needs Tutors offers high-quality tutors to guide and mentor special needs kids in Florida. Our writing, reading, and math tutors possess the expertise to create individualized lessons that focus on challenges for special needs kids and build upon what they learn in the classroom. Florida special ed tutors familiar with evidence-based practices can share their instructional expertise with students who visit a live, secure, virtual platform for homework assistance.

Tutors plan 30-minute sessions that provide one-on-one personal attention to keep their students academically focused and on track with their studies. These highly-structured sessions encourage student success through greater content mastery with less potential for students experiencing fatigue. 

This individualized method of instruction offers Florida students a better way to master the curriculum. Before special needs tutors begin working with students, our selection process ensures that they meet high selection standards. They must possess and maintain appropriate educational credentials and stay in good standing with the State of Florida. 

In addition to having appropriate academic training, our tutors must demonstrate a high level of expertise in the subjects they teach. Most importantly, every special ed tutor we hire must have documented experience of instructing special needs kids

How Do Florida Special Needs Kids Get the Right Tutor?

Our personalized approach allows Florida special needs students to meet the academic requirements in their classes. Tutors use a one-on-one format that allows students to get a level of interaction from their structured, scheduled online sessions that they will not get in a crowded classroom, especially one that is full of distractions or lacking in academic resources or learning materials. 

The special ed tutors we hire and carefully screen have experience developing step-by-step plans to help students they work with succeed. They devote the time, attention, and concern necessary to helping students master their curriculum and move successfully through their classes, while providing both positive support and motivation. 

What Is the Cost of Special Needs Tutoring in Florida?

Our unique program costs just $1.00 per minute. We offer sessions in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute increments and can do these sessions as often per week that you prefer.  So that means a 30 minute session (1x a week) would cost $30 for that week.    

Because we cater specifically to learners with special needs, we do not add extra costs to the session amount for helping your child. You get the same great rate for our professionals to help your child, regardless of their particular learning needs.

Each special ed student has unique needs. A student may encounter difficulties with basic curriculum that others have already mastered, leading to frustration. One special needs child may have anxiety about subject-verb agreement while another in a special ed class may fail to comprehend addition or subtraction. In these and other situations, students will benefit from the best tutors who can guide them. 

Additionally, we believe so strongly in the ability of our tutors and our students’ capacities to learn that we offer a money-back guarantee on our intensive tutoring courses. We also allow you to request another of our qualified tutors under our satisfaction guarantee.

We accept all major credit cards, in addition, we are classified as an approved vendor for most state funding.  For further information on this, please reach out to us to check eligibility for starting your services today. 

In Which Subjects Can a Florida Learner with Special Needs Get Help?

Florida learners can get help with various subjects. We offer support to students from pre-kindergarten up through adulthood. Specific subjects covered include reading, writing, math, and we can even cover independent functioning skills. You can also request homework help for your child.

Why Choose Special Needs Tutors for Your Florida Learner?

Why choose our  tutors for your child? We offer a live, virtual tutoring session specifically for learners with special needs. Our tutors are certified special education teachers, and have experience in teaching students with a variety of needs including, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), traumatic brain injuries, specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, other health impaired, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities not included.

You may have a student beginning kindergarten, struggling with reading comprehension, or facing challenges when trying to master multiplication. The talented tutors at Special Needs Tutors devote their skills to helping students gain confidence in mathematics, reading, and writing so these kids can appreciate academic success today, which prepares them for the challenges they will face tomorrow.

Contact a company that assists Florida students with a secure, online, and personalized platform. Rest assured that the tutors have successfully passed an interview and comprehensive background check. These tutors regularly participate in professional development opportunities to remain current in their educational skills.

Tutors from Special Needs Tutors guide students in their academic progress. A majority of tutors emphasize areas such as mathematical skills, reading comprehension, and writing proficiency. Their one-on-one sessions with students are conducted in a way that places a high priority on the challenges faced by special needs students. 

The high-quality, individualized approach our tutors integrate into the tutoring sessions allows students to meet their goals while learning from someone who offers positive and professional academic support. Students get a level of attention they will not receive in a crowded classroom, especially one full of distractions, or with limited instructional resources. 

By working with students on a step-by-step success plan, the instructors have developed a personalized approach that helps students understand the way they have mastered the curriculum. Our special needs tutors work with their students to help them succeed.

Your child also benefits from having individualized sessions tailored to their specific needs in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute increments.  This reduces the chance of tutoring fatigue and loss of focus.  Intensive tutoring sessions that are individualized and student specific produce greater achievement and the ability to generalize skills in the community.  

Finally, because our tutors use every minute of the session effectively, you get the most from your money and your child receives the greatest amount of help from the session.

Get started helping your child succeed by contacting us for a state certified tutor at Special Needs Tutors.