Special Needs Tutors for Wisconsin Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Wisconsin

Students with special needs in Wisconsin deserve a quality education. If you have a child identified who is falling behind academically, it’s time to learn more about Special Needs Tutors in Wisconsin. With our specialized approach to online tutoring, we help special needs students excel in the areas where they need to make progress. If you are looking for a tutor for your child, we offer dedicated, experienced tutors who work with special needs students of all abilities.

Why Special Needs Tutors Works for Kids in Wisconsin

Our students often require a multi-sensory approach to learning, and every tutor hired by Special Needs Tutors has the certification needed to work with special needs students. Our state-certified teachers have the experience you want when it comes to working with special needs students in an educational setting, and our approach focuses on one student at a time using an individualized treatment plan.

When you hire a tutor from Special Needs Tutors in Wisconsin, you will understand why our agency stands out from the rest. Our tutors only work with special needs students, and have the training necessary to provide a wide range of services for your student. Each tutor must meet the educational needs of Wisconsin to maintain their teaching license, and is current in their certification.

Special Needs Tutors knows that your child is struggling in the classroom, and the goal of every tutor is to ensure that your child starts to experience success. Each student matches with a tutor that will work with the student using their preferred learning style, matching grade level to ensure solid growth over time.

Locating a Tutor for Your Wisconsin Special Needs Child

It is possible to find a number of tutors for your special needs child in Wisconsin, but Special Needs Tutors offers you all the services you need without worry. You don’t have to try to find a tutor that can meet your child’s needs, as Special Needs Tutors provides a free consultation to match your child with a tutor that will help your child grow. You will get a better understanding of what your child’s specific learning needs are after the free consultation, and a treatment plan will be developed in order to provide your student with tutoring services.

Identifying goals and current abilities is generally done during the initial assessment. You will get the opportunity to work with the consultation to choose what type of services will best meet your child’s needs. You can decide on intensive services, or look for support with homework. How often you have a tutor work with your child is based on a number of factors that will be discussed in the consultation. 

During each session with a tutor, any progress towards educational goals will be tracked. This enables you to see concrete proof that your child is learning, and makes it easier to see if changes to your child’s tutoring need to be made. If your child is not making progress, a re-evaluation can be done to determine what types of support may be necessary for your child to move forward. No matter what level of services your special needs child requires, our tutors are able to meet these needs to give your child the education they deserve.

As we match students with tutors from Special Needs Tutors, we take into consideration grade level, experience of the tutor, and specific teaching styles. We work hard to match each student with a tutor that is going to encourage and inspire your child to learn. We take our time to match each student with the right tutor for their educational goals.

The Cost of a Special Needs Tutor in Wisconsin

We try to keep it simple at Special Needs Tutors in Wisconsin. No matter what type of support your student needs, our tutors cost $1.00 per minute. You can choose from 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60-minute sessions, depending on your child’s attention span and learning abilities. If you discover that your child is not getting enough tutoring throughout the day, it is possible to add-on sessions easily with our flexible program.

Special Needs Tutors only works with special needs students, and this means that the tutors are highly-skilled at managing a wide range of learning issues. No matter what services your child needs to be successful in their learning, Special Needs Tutors provide these services at no additional cost to you.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the tutoring your student receives from Special Needs Tutors, and we offer a money-back guarantee if your child is enrolled in intensive tutoring and is not successful. When you don’t feel that your child’s tutor is meeting their needs, you can opt for another tutor so that you are satisfied with the work being done.

Special Needs Tutors is a state approved vendor in most states, and accepts state approved funding if your student is eligible. We also take all major credit cards as forms of payment, and we will help you identify resources for state funding if needed.

What Subjects are Taught by Special Needs Tutors in Wisconsin?

From traditional subjects such as math, reading, and writing, to help with homework and learning life skills, our tutors are able to help your child in a variety of ways. We are ready to help your student from pre-kindergarten to adulthood, receive the education they deserve in order to move forward in life. Whether your student needs intensive tutoring, or simply needs some homework help, we are ready to talk to you about the services we provide.

Why Hire Special Needs Tutors for Wisconsin Students?

We work with special needs students throughout Wisconsin, using our methodical approach to virtual tutoring sessions. Your student will get the specialized attention they need, from a live, virtual special education teacher certified in the subject areas your child is learning. Our teachers work with students who have ADD/ADHD, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorder, and other disabilities that might make learning more difficult. 

Each session is done on a secure online platform, and you won’t have to drive your child to sessions for them to learn. With Special Needs Tutors, your child chooses where they sit in the home for a session, and you can sit nearby to listen in to the session if needed.

Our online tutoring sessions help students meet their educational goals, and are an effective way to provide intensive special needs tutoring for students throughout Wisconsin.

If focus is a problem for your student, understand that sessions can be a half an hour, up to an hour, making it easy for you to determine how long your child should be tutored each day. These are sessions targeted to your child’s specific learning style, and time is rarely wasted during sessions.

With the right tutoring in place, your student is able to get the most out of sessions. If you have a special needs child in Wisconsin, it’s time to learn more about the services offered at Special Needs Tutors today.