School Solutions

Statistics show that approximately 15% of private schools are set up or adequately set up to teach the special needs community.  Usually this means that a child with special needs is integrated into a general education classroom which does not allow for the proper support and accommodations to be utilized. The byproduct is that the families who would be registering to your school simply choose another system to support their needs.

And for public schools, U.S. Department of Education indicated in a report published in July of 2020 that just “21 states satisfied the “meets requirements” threshold for the 2018-2019 school year in annual evaluations of their obligations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for students ages 3 to 21. Meanwhile, 27 states and Washington, D.C. were classified as “needs assistance,” many of which have qualified for the designation for two years in a row or more. Two states — New York and Vermont — received the lower designation of “needs intervention.”” (disability scoop, July 6, 2020).

This ultimately affects the growth of the school and the educational support for the learner. This is a “lose-lose” situation for the family and the school.

Special Needs School Solutions is a pathway to augment your ability to provide instruction to learners with IEP’s, or those who may be at-risk academically.

All of our teachers are:

-State certified with credentials specifically in the field of Special Education

-Holds a bachelor’s degree or higher

-Demonstrates the necessary evidence-based practices to reinforce skills and lay the foundations of learning

-They are specially trained in virtual instruction

-They utilize reliable progress monitoring strategies to ensure growth in a learner’s achievement

-They are available when you need them on your timeframe


Who we can help…

-Learners with an IEP (I.e., pull-out services, resource room, etc.)

-Learners who are at-risk academically (who may not have an IEP)

-Sessions can be individual and/or small group (dependent on the skills/needs)

What type of schools we can help…

-Private schools (religious/non-religious)

-Homeschool groups

-Public schools

-Charter schools


Geographical location…

-Since we are a live virtual platform, we can accommodate any English-speaking classroom

-USA, UK, Australia, Africa, Canada, etc…


How it works…

Complete the short questionnaire 

-A Special Needs Tutors account manager will be assigned to answer your questions (through email/phone/virtual) and will be your point of contact for the duration of your contract

-We will help identify the student’s skill level/needs

-Once the proposal is approved by your administration, we will collaborate with your sped coordinator/admin to develop a plan of action

Why choose us…

-It is cost efficient to hire a Special Needs Tutors teacher

-We are state certified in Special Education

-We hold a bachelor’s degree or higher

-We have special education classroom experience

-We are background checked and vetted by a State Department of Education

-We utilize evidence-based practices

-We solve your temporary and long-term teacher shortages

-We evaluate progress to be given to your school sped coordinator or homeschool parent for parent/teacher conferences

-No sick time cost

-No paid vacation cost

-No retirement cost

-This eliminates the need to turn away families from your school due to the inability to accommodate

-Possible enrollment growth

When to use us…

-Whenever you need us

-We can personalize a contract to meet your school’s individual needs



Price depends upon

-Number of students

-Amount of teaching minutes

-Frequency per week

-Individual or small group sessions

-It does not depend on the student’s disability

-It does not depend on the school’s affiliation

-It does not depend on the school’s size or resources

School Questionnaire