Special Needs Tutors for Indiana Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Indiana

In Indiana, all children deserve the best education possible, regardless of their physical abilities, emotional problems, or learning needs. Through live virtual tutoring, we aim to help all children reach their educational goals.

What Qualifies Our Special Needs Tutors?

Finding the right tutor is important when working with kids or learners with special needs. Tutors who are educated and experienced in using a multi-sensory approach to learning are best suited for our learners with special needs. That is why Special Needs Tutors only hires state-certified special needs teachers. With our staff, your special-needs child gets personalized help from instructors who have the skills and knowledge to best help your child succeed.

All of our teachers have experience teaching students with a variety of learning styles. In addition, they must have a valid Indiana certificate in special education teaching. This ensures that your child is receiving instruction from professionals who are trained in his or her specific type of learning challenge.

How Do Indiana Special Needs Kids Get the Right Tutor?

At our company, we understand the importance of finding the right plan and support to help each student excel in their learning journey. That is why we start each student with a free consultation to help identify their goals and discover what support the child will need. Our experienced and Indiana state-certified teachers work with both the students and parents to determine the right amount of tutoring sessions for the student. 

We strive to ensure that each student has the best possible chance for success. That means that our teachers will make adjustments throughout the learning process. Whether they need to make a small course correction to a lesson, or completely change the whole approach to learning, our teachers are trained to tailor everything to their student’s needs.

In fact, all of our teachers believe that each student is unique and has their own individual needs. That is why we take the time to carefully assess each child and match them with the right tutor. Our tutors are selected based on the specific needs of the child, their level of support, age, abilities, and grade level. We also track progress on each goal identified during the initial consultation to ensure that each child is getting the help they need to be successful.

As our students grow and develop, we strive to adjust our techniques and goals in order to best meet their needs. Our certified staff are able to recognize when a technique is not working and adjust the approach accordingly. This helps to reduce frustration and bring our students closer to achieving their goals. Parents can be reassured that their child is receiving the best possible support from our tutoring sessions.

What Is the Cost of Special Needs Tutoring in Indiana?

Our program offers the flexibility to choose the length and frequency of sessions that best suit the needs of your child and your budget. Sessions are priced at $1.00 per minute. That means you can have a 30 minute session once a week for $30, a 45 minute session twice a week for $90, or a 60 minute session three times a week for $180 with no additional session fees or other costs. After the initial intake appointment, your consultant will be able to provide personalized recommendations to ensure you get the most out of our program.

We offer the same great rate for our professionals to help your child, regardless of their particular learning needs. We are confident in our tutors and your child’s ability to learn. In fact, we offer a money-back guarantee on our intensive tutoring courses. We accept all major credit cards and are an approved vendor for most state funding. If you are interested in using a state voucher for tutoring services, please let one of our representatives know.

In Which Subjects Can a Indiana Learner with Special Needs Get Help?

Currently, we provide services to special needs learners from kindergarten through young adults. In addition to teaching reading and math, we provide science, history, and even foreign language classes.

With our services, parents can help their special needs child succeed in their classes by booking sessions to receive assistance with homework, studying for upcoming tests, and preparing for standardized tests, oral exams, and other assessments. Our teachers are certified in the state of Indiana and are trained in the state curriculum requirements to pass each grade level and to graduate high school. This means that parents and guardians can trust our teachers to get your child to the right goals and to graduate on time.

Why Choose Special Needs Tutors for Your Indiana Learner?

We offer personalized virtual tutoring sessions for learners of all ages with special needs. All of our tutors are certified special education teachers, and have extensive experience in working with students who have a variety of educational challenges. Our staff has worked with students on the autism spectrum, learners who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, and kids with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, intellectual disabilities, and other health impairments. By providing individualized instruction, we can work to ensure that all learners will reach their fullest potential.

Indiana is a state with students from all walks of life. Because we have so many kids who live far away from large cities, however, it can be difficult for many families to access the services and qualified teachers that their kids need. Even students who live in larger cities often discover that there is a lack of qualified teachers, especially if their learning challenges are not common.

This is why Special Needs Tutors developed a mission to reach out to kids and parents throughout Indiana who are in this situation. By offering one-on-one instruction in an online setting, it’s possible to access the exact right tutor for your child. Many of our families are able to choose from multiple state-certified instructors who are ready to develop and follow a learning plan that is unique to their child. 

Our online sessions use effective methods that have been proven to work by years of research into education. This gives each student the chance to focus and learn more effectively. Students do not have to contend with the distractions of traveling to a new school or dealing with an unfamiliar environment. Parents can choose to be in the same room to offer support, or stay nearby. This allows students to become more independent, while still having the safety net of a parent or trusted adult in case they are needed. In some cases, older students are able to work with their tutor completely on their own. Sessions can be scheduled so that high schoolers can participate at home or even during a study hall session at school.

If your child is struggling, don’t hesitate to get them the help that they need. Often, students can get back on course after just a few sessions. Our teachers have years of experience helping students with challenges just like yours, and they look forward to working with your family soon.