Dr Ginger Pillitteri started Special Needs Tutors thinking about the needs of your child, what would give them the greatest opportunity for success.  So, she made some pivotal decisions:

  • Only hires state credentialed special needs teachers which are trained using evidence-based practices to bring out the best in your child
  • Provide an intensive, intentional, individualized tutoring plan based upon the child’s needs in a collaborative effort between the assessor and the family
  • Makes the initial assessment free of charge
  • Made every program only $30 per 30-minute session, regardless of the duration or number of times per week.
  • Offering a money back guarantee


If you don’t want to commit to a program duration, we also have à la carte tutoring sessions that you control the commitment level in addition to homework help and maintenance.

Some said that we are out of our minds by offering a money back guarantee but that just proves that we are fully confident in our teaching method, our platform, our state credentialed teachers and most importantly, in your child’s ability to learn that we are happy and excited to offer this.  Like everything else, there are some qualifiers.


Special Needs Tutors Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with your tutor, contact our service department and we will gladly assign a different tutor.


How does the money back guarantee program work?

  • You select one of our intensive tutoring programs, regardless of the duration or number of times per week.
  • If at the end of the program your child does not show any progression in that specific area, we will then rerun the program for free using another tutor that we will hand select.
  • If your child still does not show progression, we will refund the money you paid for that program.
  • So, for example, say you selected our 6-month math Intensive Tutoring Program and paid $360/per month for 6 months. This would total $2,160 for the total program. If your child doesn’t show any progression, we will rerun the program for free and if they still don’t show any progression, we will refund $2,160, minus applicable transaction fees.


These are some qualifiers for eligibility

  • An intensive tutoring program is selected in collaboration between the parent and our assessor.
  • During the initial free assessment, a baseline of your child’s performance will be established and then verified by the tutor. If the tutor feels that the initial assessment does not accurately represent their true baseline skills, they will work with your child until a true baseline is established.  Progression is assessed from this adjusted, true baseline.
  • Purchase an intensive tutoring program. This can be any of the monthly programs and any of the number of tutoring sessions per week. An assessor will recommend which program the child needs and it is this program that is eligible for our money-back guarantee.
  • All of our monthly programs and tutoring sessions are invoiced in advance.
  • Successfully complete the program to the satisfaction of Special Needs Tutors.
  • The strength of our program is reliant upon actual tutoring services rendered. No shows inhibit learning.  A student that has missed any tutoring session (that is counted as a NO SHOW) forfeits their ability to seek eligibility for our money-back guarantee.
  • Complete all homework and/or assignments provided by your tutor and adhere to the lesson plan agreed to with the tutor, as applicable.
  • The child’s learning environment is free from distractions and quiet. This is the optimum learning environment and can be accomplished by an actual quiet space or headphones where the child is not distracted (at a park, around other people, tv in the background, etc)
  • The child was utilizing a computer or iPad which is the best digital tool for your child to use. Using a phone or equivalent for learning will void your eligibility.


How to claim eligibility for our money-back guarantee

  • Within 7 calendar days of the final session day, submit to Special Needs Tutors a request to determine your eligibility for a money-back guarantee.
  • We will confirm that you adhered to the eligibility guidelines. Failure to adhere forfeits your eligibility for our money-back guarantee.


What does progress or progression mean?

  • Progress or progression is defined as any percent increase from the true baseline in the subject in which the tutor was contracted for.


How do I request a refund?

  • Contact customer service by emailing info@spedtutors.com. A representative will review your eligibility for a refund based upon the eligibility criteria.


How many times am I eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?

  • You are entitled to a money-back guarantee only one time per program purchased.
  • Any subsequent purchase that was separately eligible for the Money Back Guarantees whether in the same subject or a different subject is eligible.


Is there a minimum purchase requirement for the money-back guarantee?

  • Yes, because learning can take some time, there is a package minimum. This can be in one of the following
    1. 3-month intensive tutoring program,
    2. 4-month intensive tutoring program,
    3. 5-month intensive tutoring program, or more.
  • Any intensive tutoring program satisfies the requirement, however, the number of days per week is not specified and any days per week picked will be included in the money-back guarantee.


No shows:

  • If the TUTOR doesn’t show for the tutoring session, another tutoring session will be set up without additional cost to the parent and will not void the money-back guarantee.
  • If the STUDENT doesn’t show for the session, no refund will be given, and no additional tutoring session will be transferred free of charge. The student forfeits the full cost of that tutoring session and the money-back guarantee.
  • If a parent/child is unable to attend a tutoring session, simply go to your calendar and reschedule your tutoring session with the tutor, 24hrs in advance without penalty (having to pay for a makeup session). We understand how life happens so if you need to reschedule between 4-24 hours, please call customer service to reschedule without having to pay for a makeup session.  Less than 4 hours before your scheduled session, it will be treated as a “no show” and you will forfeit what you paid for that session.  You may reschedule at your own cost.
  • An exception to this rule may be a documented emergency and it is at the discretion of Special Needs Tutors to excuse this absence.


Instead of rerunning the program, can I just get my refund?

  • We take tutoring very seriously and want every child to have the best opportunity to learn. To that end, we will rerun your program first.


What happens if I purchase an intensive tutoring program or a tutoring session and I no longer want to continue?

  • Both tutoring formats are invoiced monthly.  We would simply cancel any unused services, with at least, a 24-hour notice.
  • For example, if you wanted to cancel and still receive a refund, you would need to cancel services that were more than 24 hours from taking place.  If you canceled within 24 hours, you would forfeit reimbursement for that service only.

What are the applicable, transaction fees?

  • These are not charges that are invoiced by Special Needs Tutors but rather charges associated in performing the transactions by financial institutions.. In fact, we are only charging for our tutoring services, the rest are fees charged by the credit card processing centers to both initially charge the ccard and/or refund the ccard for example.