Special Needs Tutors for California Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in California

Special needs kids in California deserves to have the best education possible, regardless of their learning needs. Through live, virtual tutoring sessions, our tutors can help your child with special needs to achieve their educational goals.

What Qualifies Our Special Needs Tutors?

California special needs students encounter numerous challenges as they try to meet academic expectations in their classes. Kids who have special needs endure an additional array of challenges, often feeling anxiety and frustration whenever disruptions to their schedule occur. Sometimes, an unpredictable situation at school or other unexpected event also hinders their progress. 

The secure and online tutoring sessions available through Special Needs Tutors offers a positive alternative for California special needs students. Students in these professionally conducted, individual sessions master skills in reading, writing, and math. Tutors also offer homework assistance that meets the academic needs of the students they assist. 

State credentialed special education tutors with appropriate experience and subject-area knowledge can mentor and guide students by using the best teaching practices. They guide special needs kids who take tutoring sessions through our online and secure platform. These tutors understand evidence-based practices and provide students with high levels of support during their 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute tutoring sessions. 

How Do California Special Needs Kids Get the Right Tutor?

Sessions are structured in a way that emphasizes the mastery of content within the curriculum, without the potential for students to experience fatigue while discussing their studies online with the tutor. Such an individualized approach allows special needs kids in California to take the steps necessary to learn and master the learning objectives in their studies. 

Tutors on our team must have an active special education teaching certification and remain in good standing with their state.  As well as reflect the knowledge, compassion, and expertise in working with students who learn differently.

Tutors have a level of academic preparation that allows them to provide top-level instruction and academic support for students who need attention to get through their special ed class assignments. Not only must these tutors demonstrate expertise in their assigned areas of tutoring, they must also have documented evidence that they have successfully tutored special needs kids in the past.

What Is the Cost of Special Needs Tutoring in California?

A number of variables come into play when a personalized tutoring service is selected. Most significantly, parents should select a firm with a variety of special needs tutors that can guide students while effectively offering their instructional services. An assignment many students may think of as simple may pose great challenges for a special needs student who needs additional guidance.

Students possess unique needs that cannot be satisfied by a general, oversimplified approach. A student struggling with reading concepts in their special ed class may have different needs and tutoring priorities than another California student who does not know their multiplication tables. In such situations, each student needs the best tutor possible to help them master their course requirements.

Tutoring fees may vary to accommodate these unique needs, since one student may require only an occasional session, while another may need regularly scheduled online meetings with their high-quality tutor. Special Needs Tutors is aware that you and your special needs student invest a lot of time in their academic pursuits. This is why we are the only special needs tutoring firm that has a money-back guarantee in place to ensure your satisfaction. 

We accept all major credit cards, in addition, we are classified as an approved vendor for most state funding.  For further information on this, please reach out to us to check eligibility for starting your services today.

In Which Subjects Can a California Learner with Special Needs Get Help?

California learners can get help with various subjects. We offer support to students from pre-kindergarten up through adulthood. Specific subjects covered include reading, writing, math, and we can even cover independent functioning skills. You can also request homework help for your child.

Why Choose Special Needs Tutors for Your California Learner?

Why choose our  tutors for your child? We offer a live, virtual tutoring session specifically for learners with special needs. Our tutors are certified special education teachers, and have experience in teaching students with a variety of needs including, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), traumatic brain injuries, specific learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, other health impaired, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities not included.

Whether you have a student starting kindergarten, or struggling with multiplication or division, or facing challenges with subject-verb agreement, you want a tutor who can offer helpful, professional guidance. Students who participate in tutoring sessions through Special Needs Tutors get the skills that help them strengthen their confidence in reading, writing, and mathematics, allowing them to move forward in their academic studies.

Choose a company that offers highly-qualified tutors who want to guide and inspire California students. All tutors available through our firm have completed a rigorous interview process that includes a review of their credentials and a successful background check. Even after they begin to teach students, they are expected to participate in ongoing professional development opportunities.

Our online sessions use a method proven effective by our founder to teach students with special needs intensively. Coupled with our tutors’ certification to teach special needs students in California, our method and teachers can support your child to achieve their learning goals.

Your child also benefits from having individualized sessions tailored to their specific needs in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute increments.  This reduces the chance of tutoring fatigue and loss of focus.  Intensive tutoring sessions that are individualized and student specific produce greater achievement and the ability to generalize skills in the community.  

Finally, because our tutors use every minute of the session effectively, you get the most from your money and your child receives the greatest amount of help from the session.

Get started helping your child succeed by contacting us for a state certified tutor at Special Needs Tutors.