Special Needs Tutors for Ohio Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Ohio

If your child has special needs in Ohio, it’s time to get your child the help they deserve to meet their goals. At Special Needs Tutors in Ohio, we work with students using virtual tutoring sessions on an individualized basis. We know what it takes to help your special needs child thrive, and our tutors re ready to help your child reach their full potential.

What Makes Special Needs Tutors Different?

he tutors at Special Needs Tutors understand the intricacies of working with students using a multi-sensory approach. We know what it takes to reach students who struggle with learning in a traditional setting. Every tutor hired by Special Needs Tutors is a state-certified teacher with a degree to teach special needs children. When you need an experienced teacher who knows how to work with your special needs child, our tutors are ready to start the learning process.

Our teachers are different that others, as we only work with tutors who have experience teaching children in a special education classroom. All of our Ohio tutors must have a current special needs education teaching certificate, and continue working on any educational requirements to keep their license current.

At Special Needs Tutors, each child works with a teacher who best understands how to help your child go from struggling in the classroom, to thriving. The personalized support your special needs child receives is tailored to address their learning style, grade level, and will optimize performance.

Finding the Right Ohio Special Needs Tutor

Finding the right tutor for your student with special needs begins with identifying the learning abilities and goals of your student. At Special Needs Tutors in Ohio, we offer a free consultation with caregivers in order to match the right tutor to the student. We discuss what the learning goals are, and what type of support may be needed for your child’s success.

During the initial consultation, current skills are established, and goals are identified. This is a good time for you to talk with the consultant to figure out whether the tutoring should be extensive, or if weekly sessions are enough to get your child back on track. Once the learning goals are identified, progress towards meeting the goals will be measured. You will be able to see how your child is moving along with learning, with an individualized tutoring plan in place. We offer tutoring services from intensive tutoring, to periodic tutoring to keep your child from falling behind.

Each student is carefully matched with a tutor from Special Needs Tutors depending on what grade they are, what type of supports they require, and what they are currently attempting to learn. We know that you want your child to succeed, and it is our mission to carefully match students with the right tutor to set your child up to meet and exceed their learning goals.

How Much Does a Special Needs Tutor Cost in Ohio?

With Special Needs Tutors in Ohio, we make it easy to figure out the cost of our tutoring services. We charge $1.00 a minute for tutoring services, and sessions are available in 30, 45, or 60 minute time periods. You can choose as many sessions as you feel your child needs, and services can be scaled up or down based on the progress your child is making.

One of the benefits of working with Special Needs Tutors is that we don’t add on costs to meet the special needs of your child. We go into the tutoring with the understanding that your child may have extensive learning needs, and each child gest the services they require for the same great rate.

When you choose our intensive tutoring services at Special Needs Tutors, we know that you are going to be satisfied with the results. We are so confident in the matches we make, that we provide a money-back guarantee for every student that enrolls in our intensive tutoring courses. If you are not happy with the tutor assigned to your child, we also offer you the opportunity to match with a different tutor to meet your child’s educational needs.

To pay for Special Needs Tutors, you can use any major credit card, or use state approved funding for the services you need. If you are not sure about your child’s eligibility for services in Ohio, give us a call to learn more. We are able to accept state funding as payment if you are approved.

What are Tutors Able to Teach My Ohio Special Needs Student?

Special needs students throughout Ohio are able to receive support on a wide range of subjects. Whether your student is just getting started in pre-kindergarten, or you want tutoring services for a teenager, our tutors are able to meet your student’s needs. Subjects can include writing, independent living skills, reading, math, or even homework help. If your child is struggling in school, Special Needs Tutors is ready to help.

Why Hire Special Needs Tutors for Ohio Students?

If you are wondering why you should consider Special Needs Tutors for your Ohio learner, understand that our tutoring services are designed to meet the needs of special needs students throughout Ohio. Our live, virtual tutoring sessions are done by special education teachers who are certified to teach your child in the ways that they learn best. Our tutors are experienced working with students who have learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injuries, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities that interfere with your child’s ability to learn.

Our tutors work virtually with your child on a secure platform, making it easy for you to get your child the tutoring they need without having to travel. Whether your child struggles on car rides, or you are looking for a solution where you don’t have to leave the house, Special Needs Tutors makes it easy to get your child the learning environment they deserve to excel in academics. Your student is able to decide where they sit for the tutoring session, and you can listen in as the parent if you are concerned your child is not getting the attention they need.

Using our specialized tutoring method for intensive special needs teaching, our online sessions are productive at teaching students what they need to reach their goals. Students are taught by certified special needs teachers in Ohio, and get the 1:1 attention they need to learn effectively.

When your child gets the targeted tutoring they need in order to learn, they are going to be more focused on the work they do. Your student is less likely to get tired, and you can set the sessions to 30, 45, 0r 60 minute increments to meet your child’s focusing ability. For children who are struggling academically, individualized tutoring will improve their academic achievement.

With the focus only on your child, tutors are able to utilize each minute of the tutoring session, ensuring that you get what you pay for when it comes to special needs tutoring for your Ohio student.

Learn more about the benefits of a state certified tutor for student in Ohio, by contacting Special Needs Tutors now.