Special Needs Tutors for Kentucky Students

Individualized Special Ed Tutoring in Kentucky

There are many students in Kentucky who require additional support in order to meet their educational goals. If you have a student with special needs in Kentucky, finding the right tutor can feel overwhelming. At Special Needs Tutors in Kentucky, we understand that your student will benefit from targeted, online support through virtual tutoring sessions. If your student is not reaching their potential, it’s time to learn more about Special needs Tutors.

Why Special Needs Tutors Stands Out from the Competition?

We work hard at Special Needs Tutors to provide targeted, online tutoring for your special needs student in Kentucky. We only work with students who are special needs, and our tutors are ready to teach using a multi-sensory approach. Every student is different, and this means each tutor is matched to your child taking into consideration learning style, grade level, and specific support needs. Every tutor we employ is state certified, and has the education and experience necessary to work with your special needs child.

Our tutors know what it takes to help your special needs student find success. Each tutor must maintain their Kentucky state special education certification, and follow through with any continuing education requirements. We also expect that every tutor we hire has experience working with special needs students in an academic setting.

If you have a student that is struggling with school, our tutors at Special Needs Tutors provide personalized support to help your child reach their goals. Your child can learn, once they have a tutor in place that can meet your child where they are at academically.

Choosing a Tutor for Your Kentucky Special Needs Child

The search for a tutor for your special needs student in Kentucky does not have to be difficult. At Special Needs Tutors, we identify your child’s learning goals and educational needs through an initial, free consultation. We know that you have options when it comes to finding a tutor in Kentucky, but we guarantee that we are a top provider of tutoring services for students with special needs throughout Kentucky.

In the initial consultation, you will discuss your student’s educational goals and current abilities. You can learn more about the intensive tutoring program to see if this would work best for your student. Each student has an individual educational plan, with goals identified to track progress. During each tutoring session, our tutors will identify areas where your child is meeting goals, and look for areas that need more improvement.

We take pride in matching each student with the right tutor. We identify learning styles and best match those to the teaching styles of the tutors we have working with us. We know that your child wants to succeed in school, and our tutors are there to help your child learn what is necessary to meet their goals.

Paying for a Special Needs Tutors in Kentucky

If you have been approved for state benefits for your child to be tutored, Special Needs Tutors is a vendor in most states throughout the United States. We can talk to you about the services your child needs, and check on your eligibility for services. If you are paying for services on your own, we charge $1.00 per minute, regardless of the level of support your child needs. Our pricing makes it possible for your child to receive a high level of tutoring, without any additional fees. You can pay using any major credit card if necessary.

Our tutors work in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, depending on what works best for your child. If your student is in the intensive program, we work closely with your child to ensure they don’t get exhausted by taking scheduled breaks.

We are confident in the services provided by Special Needs Tutors, and we guarantee your satisfaction, or you will get your money back. If you are not happy with the tutor assigned to your child, we will find a different match to work with your student for their educational needs.

What Tutors Teach Kentucky Special Needs Students

There are students throughout Kentucky who need a wide range of support in different subjects. From students who need a little help with math homework, to those learning daily living skills, our tutors meet the needs of your student from the start. We provide online, live tutoring for students starting as young as pre-kindergarten, all the way through adulthood. Our tutors are ready to teach math, writing, reading, and other subjects as needed to help your child progress.

Why Special Needs Tutors for Kentucky Students is the Answer

Special Needs Tutors take the time necessary to match your student with a tutor best suited to work with your child. Our tutors only work with special needs students, and they specialize in students with ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, and other disabilities that can get in the way of learning. No matter what your child is working to overcome, our tutors are there to help your child get the academics they deserve.

The platform used by Special Needs Tutors is a secure, online platform that provides your student with the education they need without leaving the home. You won’t have the hassle of trying to get your child to appointments, and this will reduce stress on your child as they get ready to learn. Your child chooses a place in the home to start the session, and you can listen in to make sure your child is getting the quality education they deserve.

Our online tutoring method is effective at teaching special needs students in a way that optimizes their abilities, and helps improve performance. Goals are established, and easily tracked through the specialized program we offer. Each tutor is certified to work with students who are special needs, and must keep up their certification to remain a tutor with our agency.

Your student can work in 30, 45, or 60-minute increments throughout the week. This type of specialized program makes it possible to add sessions, or decrease sessions as needed to help your child gain the progress they seek. From basic life skills, to help with difficult homework, your child will feel supported in ways that help them succeed.

Online tutoring with Special Needs Tutors in Kentucky gives your child the opportunity to work 1:1 with a tutor who is focused on your student, and is always looking for ways to make improvements in their teaching approach.

See why parents are choosing Special Needs Tutors in Kentucky, and set up an initial consultation today to learn more about the services we have to offer. When you are looking for tutoring services by a state certified tutor in Kentucky, it’s time to reach out to Special Needs Tutors.