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GOING LIVE 12/12/2020

Special Needs Tutors is the only money-back guarantee tutoring firm that specializes exclusively in the special needs community.
All tutors are active State Credentialed Special Needs Teachers.

Achievement Gains

This is a random cross-section of students with autism, SLD, and/or OHI in K-8. All students were taught using Dr. Ginger Pillitteri’s teaching method which each of our tutors are using. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.



1-on-1 personalized reading tutoring that focuses on fluency, decoding and comprehension. As the connection is made between sounds, words and sentences, students will apply the rules of language and demonstrate an increase in confidence when reading and understanding.



1-on-1 personalized writing tutoring that helps students to develop the foundations of grammar, parts of speech, forming a complete sentence all the way to writing paragraphs. Additionally, students will learn how to add descriptive details to the foundation of their sentences.



1-on-1 personalized math tutoring provides those foundational skills necessary for success and uses sequential lessons that move from simple concepts to more complex skills.


Homework Help

Continue the learning from the classroom to your room. We make the difficult easy with our State credentialed Special Needs teachers at your disposal.

Live Virtual Platform

We only hire credentialed special needs teachers to tutor and support your child. We specialize and focus specifically on the special needs community by utilizing evidence-based practices and progress monitoring to show achievement.